Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Been awhile

If you have ever followed one of my blogs in the past, you have probably noted my irregularity in posting. Life gets crazy and I just forget. (especially when it hits around the holidays). Our end to 2012 was a relief for me. If was not a great year. Despite absolutely loving life in AK it was a difficult year. Our apartment is not large enough for the amount of things we have accumulated over the years(we used to live in a 3 bedroom with large garage and now live in a 2 bedroom no garage) so we have to store half of it at DH's parents house in their garage. We cannot park our truck in the spot by the plug in under the carport because every time we do someone tries to break into it in the middle of the night. I will not risk having to pay to replace a window. In short, we are ready to move again. In the spring we will be looking for a place that has a garage and will have at least 3 bedrooms. We are hoping to have another little boy or girl on the way soon and want to be prepared. I am also planning on starting a new business soon, making lotion bars, chapstick and hopefully eventually soap among other products. I don't have a shop name or website picked out and I'm not sure when I will. With a location move coming up in April I will probably wait until after when we are settled in a new place. Even then I may wait until August since we tend to get pretty busy on our adventures in the summer. We will see. :)  Here are some pictures from the last few months for now. I will hopefully start remembering to post in here more often!!

These Redpoll Finches have been hanging out in a flock of about 20-30 birds. They always show up around the same time everyday and I've been enjoying watching them fight and squabble over the sunflower seeds!

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