Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September Vacation(pic heavy)

A couple of weeks ago we had about 9 days of vacation time and drove out to DH's parents house. They have this gorgeous property that sits right on the Kenai river. These are old pictures from last year, but it looks almost the same now.

Here is their house:

guest bedroom

ceiling fans over living area

Main fireplace:


back of house from outside

front of house from outside

green house!!! I think this is what I am the most jealous of! haha!

Shop still being finished

wrap around back porch

bathroom sink- how cool is this?!

living room

Seriously, how gorgeous is this house!? I will admit I am jealous. If only if only... but who knows maybe someday we will have a place so nice.. I can dream right? These pictures are from last summer before they moved in, just to explain why it is unfurnished and such.

So we spent most of the week relaxing, going 4-wheeling in the rhino and berry picking! They have this perfect spot behind their house where it is literally covered in high bush cranberries, lingonberries (lowbush cranberries) and wild rose hips. I was in heaven! I think I made around 4 batches of jam and then dried about 2 lbs of rosehips(which resulted in about 13 oz once dried) for one of my best friends from Washington(love ya Meggan!). 

Here's all the berries we picked... I had help from my friend/cousin Kayla and my sister in law Amanda. I think they thought I was crazy for how excited I got over it all, haha.

Making the jam. This one is the high bush cranberry jam, which I wasn't personally fond of, but other's seems to like it! I didn't manage to "pop" all of the cranberries before cooking them so there are random super tart whole cranberries. It was also too seedy for me.

I also made lingonberry jam. It is AMAZING. I mean seriously. My new favorite! And it was so easy to make and since lingonberries are high in pectin I didn't need to add anything to make it gel! Here is the recipe I used.. you can use regular cranberries from the store. Its the perfect time of year! :)

My nephew Ford's first birthday party was on the first full day we were out there. Here are some pictures of that too :) 

Mr. Fordy!

The kids enjoying "driving" fords birthday present!

Noah and his favorite fruit :)

Ford driving his race car

Noah and hubby

Ford vs. ribbon haha

Random, but I love this sign. haha.

Later that day we went on a little 4-wheeling drive around the area. There are a TON of trails going through the woods there. Also Luke ran into a bear when driving ahead of us on the trail and managed to drive through its pee... it's not a pleasant smell.

Some Rhino pictures:

Amanda got the rhino stuck, so Seth pulled her out

For got a poppy diaper on the trail.. lol. Baby butt!!

We had a quite a few rhino rides that week and they were all fun! We also saw a mama bear with her two cubs run across the street right in front of us. One day we went to Homer too. I will post that one either later tonight or tomorrow. I feel I've put enough pictures on one post and I have a lot of Homer photos so it can be a post all alone. I hope you enjoyed a little look into our lives! :)

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