Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walking The Oceanside Trail

One of our favorite places to walk is the bike trail by the ocean. It's a little crazy dodging bikes on busy days but last night it was quiet and relaxing and we only ran into a few bikes(completely surprising on a nice day). Seth loves this trail. It is right next to the airport so if the wind is going in the right direction(it usually is) the planes take off over our heads. We've been to this trail twice this week, wanting to take advantage of the sun while it is here. The other night we watched the sun set and I was cursing myself for not bringing my camera. I did bring it last night though! So here are some pictures of the view. On a nice clear day Mt McKinley is usually visible, but it looks tiny(it is around 8+ hours away!). Theres another mountain next to it in the view but I can't remember what it's called... still learning! You couldn't see the mountains last night but we had a gorgeous view of The Sleeping Lady, and I got some shots of the planes over our heads. Also, on the way home I was looking at the clouds and saw a polar bear in the sky. You tell me if you can see it too! I'll be back on Monday after our weekend adventures!

The Sleeping Lady

Noah refusing to smile for the camera.

The polar bear flying in the sky! Look to the right and you see a closed eye, all the way to the edge of the picture is the nose. It looked even more real a few minutes before this, but it took me too long to dig my camera out of the diaper bag. :)

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