Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Beginnings

On May 5th my life changed forever. We boarded a plane at Seatac airport in Washington and flew to Anchorage Alaska; and for the first time ever we weren't just going on vacation.This had been planned for years. I had my family and friends believing we would never actually move just because we had been talking about it for so long. Dates kept getting pushed back further and further, but finally it came to an end. We once lived in a cute little rambler duplex in Puyallup, WA. Right next to the train tracks. I still miss the rumble of the train as it passed by. I miss my white picket fence and cherry tree in the front yard, and most of all, I miss my family and friends. I even miss the rain!

Don't get me wrong though, please. I LOVE Alaska. It is my home away from home. I love that I can go for a walk and pick wild berries. We can go 4-wheeling just around the corner. We don't have to pay for a spot when we go camping(we just pull into a gravel parking lot next to a river or 4x4 trails and camp). I love all of the things I've been able to discover, the sites. Everything. I have to admit though, I am not in love with Anchorage. I do love the parks but it is just too busy for me. Eventually we will be able to move out where we will have space. I look forward to that day. For now I am just enjoying our weekend trips and adventures.

I am wishing I had started this blog months ago, so that I could have started this at the beginning of our adventure. But instead I am going to have to settle for pictures of some of the things we have gotten to go and do. Please enjoy! And come back to read my next post! We are going back to the Alaska Fair this weekend and the next day we will be out picking wild blueberries, cranberries and whatever other berries we can find.

These first ones are from one of our first adventures. We went to thunderbird falls on a hike. Then that night we had the first campfire of the year. It turned into more what we would have called a Bonfire in WA. But in Alaska... everything is big. haha.


Now for the 4x4 pictures! We got a rhino shortly after our move and have been having so much fun with it!

Oh yeah, and just to brag a little. I made the sweatshirt in the last picture. And tyedyed it. Go me! haha :P

Here's Noah watching the Polar Bear when we went to the Alaska zoo. Oh and the Polar Bear being silly and performing for us. :)

Out in the boat with daddy at Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson's

Me holding my first Red of the year.
A moose hanging out on the side of the street. We always see them when we drive by the trails by the airport.

And last but not least... sort of random... a meal from Arctic Roadrunner. Seriously the best burgers ever! Good milk shakes too. It's really too bad I'm not actually supposed to eat wheat, lol. But I risk the stomach ache every once in a while for one of these babies!


  1. Glad to hear that you are loving Alaska! It must be hard living away from your family, I hope that gets a little easier for you somehow :)

  2. Thanks Whitney! It's getting easier as time goes. I'm more worried about the winter when we wont be out on quite as many adventures. It just means I won't have as much to distract myself. But I'm taking up a new hobby(soapmaking) and I'll be getting a new sewing machine sometime in the next few months so I should have plenty to distract me then! :)